TTC History

May 2011- After five years of dating, one high school and one college graduation, we're married!

July '11- We're not trying, but we've stopped BC (maybe we'll be one of those couples who gets pregnant the first month they're off BC! Wouldn't that be crazy?)

Aug '11- Not pregnant (BFN), no period (AF)

Sept '11- BFN, no AF, (plus weight gain, acne, and growth of excess facial hair) this might be a problem. I make an appointment to see a doctor. He orders an ultra-sound. Ultra-sound shows lots of little cysts in my ovaries, which paired with all of the other seemingly unrelated unpleasantness I'd been dealing with, got me a diagnosis of PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). He suggests we start right away with a low dose of clomid saying "we should have no trouble getting you pregnant. You'll probably get pregnant within a couple of months.")

Aug '11- Progesterone to start withdrawl bleed. Round One 50 mg Clomid (cycle not monitored) BFN, no ovulation. Still no AF.

Nov '11- Progesterone. Round Two 100mg Clomid (cycle not monitored) BFN, no ovulation. Still no AF.

Dec '11- Progesterone. Round Three 100mg Clomid (cycle not monitored) BFN, no ovulation, no AF.

Jan '12- We move to a new state and I restart the appointment/referral process, even though I've already had a diagnosis. BFN. No AF.

Feb '12- The OB/GYN does not want to use Clomid. She starts me on Metformin, which I will increase dosage of slowly to hopefully regulate my non-existent cycles. BFN. No AF. If we can't get my cycle started in six months, then I will get a referral to an RE.

March '12- More Metformin. BFN. No AF.

April '12- More Metfomin. BFN. No AF. Will start next month with clomid if no AF.

May '12- More Metformin (Highest dosage, 2500mg/day) BFN. No AF. Dr. decides to wait another month before we start clomid.

June '12- Continue Met adding 50mg Clomid (though I told her that I had previously not even ovulated on 100mg). BFN.

July '12- Met and 100 mg Clomid. BFN. (Still no AF)

August '12- Month off/Dr. hasn't returned my calls so I can't get a script for more progesterone and clomid. BFN, no AF.

Sept '12-Met and 150 mg Clomid. BFN. No AF.

Oct '12-FINALLY GET A REFERRAL TO A RE! Who prescribes me more clomid for longer and will monitor my cycle (finally!).

Nov '12-100 mg Clomid for 10 days. FINALLY OVULATION! Three extra large follicles. No BFP, but hello AF!

Dec '12-50 mg Clomid for seven days.

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